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Cheese, please?

It’s nearly impossible to share your entire medical history in a 30 minute appointment. Even several appointments with the same provider can still leave you feeling like a number. But my new physician’s practice predominately works with a population for whom English is a second language, and that clearly requires a patient and attentive listener. I had hit the jackpot.

Being the first appointment, we had a lot to cover. I’d filled out a basic medical history survey in the waiting room, but seriously, aren’t those largely ignored save any glaring red flags? 

1) Have you ever had surgery?  No. 

2) Are you allergic to any medications?  No, well except that one time I threw up after having erythromycin. I’d also blamed broccoli once, so my broccoli and erythromycin allergies weren’t exactly confirmed by solid scientific studies.

3) Are you pregnant?  Not even funny. NO. 

4) Are you dying?  Not that I know of? I mean, it has been awhile since I’ve been in a doctor’s office. It’s possible?

Unfortunately we’d have to discuss my pending death in a subsequent visit. Time was limited, and what I really wanted to know was, “Can I eat cheese without a guilty conscience?” 

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