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A little background...

For those of you that have been following my story, it should come as no surprise that I have high cholesterol. Honestly, I'd never thought much of it. I knew it ran high in my mom's family, but they were a healthy bunch. My great grandmother lived well into her 90's as did my grandmother, so it really didn't seem like something that needed to be addressed. Hey, I was 20. What did I know?

But after having my second child, a life insurance health screening brought the issue back to the forefront. My numbers were high, as usual. But for whatever reason, this time I wanted to do something about it. Admittedly, I can be a bit of a perfectionist (I'm working on it), so seeing a flaw in my health report, motivated me. That, and having just bore two beautiful kids, I wanted to be around for awhile. 

So, I made changes, some pretty dramatic ones at that. I stopped eating most meats, opted for dairy alternatives, and consciously upped my fiber. (Seriously people, most likely you're not getting enough either!) The diet changes sounded impossible at the time, but the longer I stuck with it, the easier it became. Not to mention, I was really motivated by future cholesterol screenings. I would be able to see direct results - good or bad.

Months later, I took a second blood test and the results were in. I had dropped my numbers 60 points! Amazing. My numbers were still a bit higher than normal, but in an acceptable range to avoid medication. The nurse said, "keep doing what you're doing!" So, I did.

That is...until we moved to a small town in Australia for a year's sabbatical. It was a pivotal year for us, in more ways than one, but more on that next time!


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  • What, you’re leaving us hanging mid-story?! So mean! Looking forward to reading more!

    Denise Hutchins

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