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Doctor's Orders

Cheese, please? It turns out, the answer is more complex than I’d thought. High LDL = high risk. Right? That’s what I’ve always been told. Not to mention, my grandmother had had triple bypass surgery. TRIPLE. THREE. Clearly, this was something I should be addressing. 

But after speaking at length with my new-found physician, what I had once thought was black and white science, was entering more of a gray zone. Sure my mom’s family was filled with card carrying high-cholesterol members, but no one had dropped dead at 50. Actually, just the opposite. They were all active, hard-working grandparents. And that bypass surgery? My grandmother WAS eighty at the time. Plus, she lived with a smoker. So all in all, we were a relatively healthy and active bunch who ate fairly the occasional cheesecake from Uncle Tommy. (There’s Jim Beam in the crust. You can’t NOT eat a slice.)

Had I been too hard on myself? All this time, in an effort to take responsibility for my health, I’d been watching every bite, feeling a pang of guilt when I dipped into “forbidden” foods. And now you’re telling me it wasn’t necessary? WHAT?!? Wait right here while I go eat a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. Chubby Hubby, to be exact.
I was beginning to like this new doctor more and more.

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