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Let's do this

What happened next is a bit hazy. After returning in August, I seem to recall taking a month to settle in again. The kids needed school supplies, we had to unearth our bed pillows, forks, and furniture from our dust covered storage boxes. There was significant work to be done. But at night, the idea of Anew was percolating and I was doing my homework. 

According to my research, toasted muesli wasn't readily available in the States. There were certainly some raw mixes showing up, but I could only find one other toasted version. My response?

Let's. Do. This.

Now, would this have been my response pre-Austrailia? I don't think so. I was way more cautious before. I over-thought every decision, to the point of stagnation.

But by mid-September 2016, I was signed up for the University of Idaho's class on getting started in a food business at the Food Technology Center in Caldwell. By early October, I officially owned an LLC and had a Cottage Food License through the Health Department (which allowed me to bake at home and sell directly to customers). By the end of October I was receiving orders from dear friends and family who were gracious enough to support my hair-brained idea.

Looking back, it all happened so quickly. One month I'm unpacking boxes, the next I'm upgrading from my residential kitchen to a commercial one. I hadn't felt this motivated since architecture school. So whether Anew thrives or fails, the choice to start will always remain a win. 



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