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My Mighty Kitchen Crew

One of the most wonderful things about Boise is it's people. And I have to admit, my friends are at the top of the list. So, when it came to finding help in the kitchen, there was no shortage of willing hands. The first couple of batches were made with a gaggle of friends and a lot of laughs. Think, hair nets meet 80's jam. But as time passed, I switched kitchens, honed my process, and reduced my staffing needs to two, my forever willing and supportive parents. 

Today as I set up to bake, things look different. My parents are off on a vacation of a lifetime visiting family with which my dad has only recently connected. They are visiting the hometown of my grandmother (and her seven siblings!) in Northern Ireland. It's truly a remarkable meeting of long lost cousins. (Dad, if you're reading this, try the muesli!)

In spite of the distance from his own roots or maybe because of it, my dad has always considered family sacred. And today while I loaded the ovens, I was thinking about how instrumental my parents have been in making Anew possible. I can rely on them to show up nearly every week, without complaint, and with little reward. At the end of a bake, they actually thank ME for allowing them to help (which is all in good jest, no doubt), but we enjoy spending that time together each week. 

It shouldn't surprise me that they make a great team; they spent 30+ years working side by side in my father's dental practice. They will tell you that they kept their interaction pretty minimal during the day, my father seeing patients and my mother running the office side of the business. I guess it isn't much different in the kitchen. My dad builds the dry muesli mix, lugging 50 pound bags of oats and weighing out the nuts, seeds, and fruit. Meanwhile, my mom quietly goes about her duties with focus and precision. She's mastered the exact timing needed to prepare the wet ingredients in sync with the dry. After carefully hand mixing the dry and wet goods together, she quickly moves on to clean-up duty. You will find her doing loads and loads of dishes, sweeping the floor, and wiping down every surface while my dad and I finish up the packaging. I'm pretty sure that was not what she nor my dad thought retirement would look like! 

So here, I'd like to celebrate my parents, my mighty crew, who have always been there for me and continue to work hard to help me succeed on this crazy adventure into the food world. (Did I mention that they're in their 70's?!?)

Kyle and Sarah, I know I don't tell you enough, but I am so very grateful for all that you do.


  • Now THAT is a great story! LOVE IT!!! And love the gratitude. <3

  • Wow! what a cool story!! Your parents are heroes :-)

    christine yardas
  • Oh I love this!

    Whitney Jankiewicz

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