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I haven't had a primary health doctor since leaving my pediatric physician at the age of 16. Sure I'd see a nurse here and there for minor issues, but I'm not one for health checks. What's to check? I feel great! 

But since turning 40, things have started to feel less and less great. I'm stiff. At times, my back is sore and for certain, my muscles are slower to recover. I can only assume my insides are in comparable decline. Who am I kidding? I can say with certainty, my innards are no different!

I realized then that my decision to eschew a regular physician has put me in the position of not having a trusted advisor. I wanted someone who understood my specific health issues due to a personal relationship which transcended my electronic medical record. Someone who could look at the entire package and say unequivocally that I should or shouldn't be concerned about my cholesterol.

It was time to be an adult.

Just kidding. I was mandated to select a physician due to our new health insurance program, but the timing was undeniably ideal and my concern for a trusted advisor was real.




  • LOL. I’ll grow up yet! I know just what you’re talking about. Our bodies are smart machines. It knows when something is amiss. Thanks for reading along!

    Anew Toasted Muesli
  • Congratulations on pulling up your big-girl panties!.. Your friends and family want to have you around for a long time. I’ve been a vegetarian for almost 40 years now, without a deliberate relapse. I know within half an hour if I’ve eaten something containing an animal product – my stomach just can’t handle that anymore.

    Beth Ennis

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