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St. Luke's FitOne Expo

Written by Kellie Wirth, the self proclaimed VP of Samples

We suspected the 10,000 visitors streaming through the Boise Center for the FitOne Expo would be a slightly different crowd than the Capital City Public Market, we just weren't exactly sure if the expo would be as successful. Was this the place to introduce a new food product? Karen, as usual, was totally prepared and organized, having set up a test booth in her living room to make sure her display would be beautiful. Still, we were not sure if people would arrive ready to actually buy product or if they would just buzz through quickly with their race packet in hand.

Personally, I had never had the opportunity to watch people sample Anew Toasted Muesli. Sure, we love it at our house, but as one of Karen's customers said, "if it's healthy, I'd eat dirt." Would the young moms, retired friends, and the health minded community of Boise and beyond enjoy the five flavors we were sampling? 

The overwhelming response was yes! People loved it. Even after a summer at the market, Karen said she still enjoys the looks and sounds of surprise, “Wow, that's actually good!" And we both giggled watching little kids warily pick out the dried fruit from their sample cup, then dare to stick a few pieces of toasted oats into their mouths. Finally, with great relief, they'd give their moms the thumbs up. No poker faces there!

After many, many hours on our feet educating visitor after visitor about toasted muesli, our words began to jumble. "It has no added refined sugar, no added oil and it tastes great on top of granola! Wait, I mean on top of yogurt.” Regardless, the event was a huge success in confirming that people are looking for a healthier, cleaner version of granola. Thanks to the FitOne staff and amazing volunteers for putting on this fun community event.

***Note from Karen: Also, a big thank you to Kellie for helping me all day Friday and part of Saturday. As well as my Saturday afternoon helpers and close friends, Whitney, Jill, and Louise. This event would not have been nearly as successful without you by my side. I am so grateful for you and all of the customers that supported Anew to make this event the success that it was!

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