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Weren't we talking about cholesterol?

Focus, Karen.

My life to this point has been a convergence of multiple paths and experiences which culminated in starting Anew. And I'm certainly not under the impression going forward that the path will be a linear race to the finish line. This is just the beginning of another set of intertwined trails with twists and turns; thankfully I am now more prepared to adapt.

My attempts to curb cholesterol levels have been no different. While I remained focused on diet for a few years, that diet was increasing hard to maintain once we moved abroad.

Now, I'm deflecting blame here a bit. Certainly I can't blame a country for my cholesterol woes. But, anyone who has ever been on vacation and has seen it as an opportunity to indulge yourself in the culture and cuisine, you understand me. YOLO. Right?

So, while I had grown accustom to shunning meat and dairy, Australians' standard fair included meat, and meat, and dairy. If you're not ordering a schnitzel (fried meat), you're grilling snags (sausages) on the barbie, or having fish and chips (more fried fare) by the beach. For dessert there are Laminations, Pavlova and Anzac bikkies to try. And Tim Tams. I'm sure Tim Tams alone are to blame for significant cholesterol spikes that year. 

I enjoyed myself a little, okay maybe more than a little. Some by necessity, you can only eat so many salads, "hold the emu!" And some by choice, see: Tim Tams. So, I returned to the state of being blissfully blind to my cholesterol status. That was, until I participated in a free cholesterol check at the Boise Health and Fitness Expo last fall. Woe. Is. Me.


  • Increasing my fiber intake and eating mostly plant based foods, is what worked for me. And yes, exercise. I do wonder how the foods you eat just prior to the blood test impact the results. I swear my numbers have been higher or lower depending on those few meals. Have you notice this?

    Anew Toasted Muesli
  • It’s a shocker, isn’t it? Mercy. I just dropped mine by 20 some points, but the bad cholesterol stayed high and the good dropped, so I had to quit eggs (again.) Hopefully, January will have a better answer for me. In the meantime, I am deep into your Muesli. Hopefully that helps the issue. And, exercising, and no sugar, and, and, and….

    Susan Nunn

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