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What is wrong with me?

Normal.  My blood tests were completely normal, (save high cholesterol, but more on that later). How could that be? I'd been feeling sluggish for at least two weeks, so much so that I was taking afternoon naps and sleeping in later than usual. I was convinced there was something wrong. Maybe my thyroid? Was I anemic? Cancer?

Ok. I admit it. I get a bit dramatic when I'm not feeling myself, but that's only because I'm used to feeling pretty great physically. Although I'm getting older, feeling stiffer, and moving slower, I'm still relatively active. So, what was wrong with me?

Well, I have a confession. When business picked up, I started sacrificing my morning runs and my home cooked meals to make it work. Exercise took a back seat and my diet was lacking. There just wasn't time. Or more accurately stated, I was not making time. Things needed to change.

That first week was rough. I started running again, and I couldn't believe how out of shape I'd become. I also started sitting down and making meal plans Sunday night (<---painful), but it transformed my last minute fixes into healthy meals.

Two weeks into my efforts to improve my diet and get back into shape, I'm excited to say I had an amazing run this morning. I'm not nearly as strong as I used to be, but it's getting easier and I plan to keep it up, because I feel SO MUCH BETTER. I've said it before and I'm sure you'll hear me say it again. Diet and exercise go a long way in keeping me both mentally and physically healthy. It's in part why I started Anew.

So, while I'm not anemic and have a healthy thyroid, my hereditary high cholesterol reared it's nasty head again. Stay tuned for more about the journey to reduce my numbers (again).



  • Go get ‘em Karen! Love this post. Sometimes feeling ’not normal’ is a great way to realize how good ‘normal’ feels!

    Julie G.

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