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Call it a mid-life crisis if you must, but five years ago, I started taking my inherited high cholesterol seriously. I was already exercising daily, so I focused on my only other defense; diet. I’m not speaking about weight loss. I’m talking about the kinds of food I was eating. After consulting with my physician, I developed a plan which included increasing my fiber intake. Not satisfied with what I could find at the grocery store, I started making my own high fiber cereal. 

For six months I stuck to my plan and then had my cholesterol levels retested. The results? Not only had my cholesterol dropped significantly, but I also felt great, both mentally and physically. It had never been so clear to me that food mattered, and I’ve been eating toasted müesli every morning since.

I had previously considered selling my cereal, but it was a year living abroad in Australia that ultimately convinced me to start Anew. Prior to that adventure, I was in a rut. Not only was I just going through the motions of my daily routine, I was also avoiding new opportunities. Sure, some habits are good to keep (ahem…toasted müesli every morning), but other habits are worth challenging. With that in mind, I took a chance and started anew. I was 40.

It’s never too late, right? I never expected to own a food company, but it’s where I’ve landed and I couldn’t be happier. As the package says, "Every day is a new opportunity to start fresh. Start Anew.”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Anew Foods strives to put healthy, clean food in the hands of consumers looking for personal betterment. We offer hope and inspiration that EVERY day is a new opportunity to create a better you. By offering clean, healthy ingredients we encourage our consumers to become their best, one meal at a time.