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Traditional Müesli

Müesli is traditionally a dry cereal containing oats, nuts, and dried fruit. It was developed in Switzerland by a physician, Maximilian Bircher-Benner, who understood that food not only satiates hunger, but it plays an important part in keeping our bodies healthy. 

I truly believe the food we eat affects us both mentally and physically. Food matters.

Granola vs. Müesli

Around the same time Bircher was discovering müesli, James Caleb Jackson from the United States, developed a product we know as granola. So, what's the difference?

The major difference between müesli and granola is that granola has added sweeteners (often refined) and oil that bind the oats together.

What is Toasted Müesli?

Toasted müesli is granola without the added oil. It’s traditional müesli with more crunch. Anew's oats have just enough natural sweeteners (< 1 gram/serving) to give them a crispy texture. But no added oil. Not one drop.

Anew is high in fiber, a source of protein, and made of 100% real ingredients that you can pronounce. NO preservatives. NO artificial flavors. NO GMOs.

Enjoy it with almond or soy milk, in yogurt, steep it in warm milk for an all natural, flavored oatmeal, soak it overnight, or eat it dry. There is no wrong way to eat toasted müesli!